Matteucci Management is an international full-service sports agency for athletes throughout the world.
It attempts to develop a more personal relationship with the athlete in addition to providing excellent client representation, to prepare and address the athletic, business, and personal aspects of its clients' career.
To address these varied requirements, the company has developed a wide range of services and strategic relationships to offer its clients.

Gianpaolo Matteucci
Gianpaolo Matteucci started this activity in 1986, achieving many years of management experience into the motorsport world. Graduated in Law at the University of Rome, Italy, and specialized in Sport Management, he is one of the premier Sports Agents in Europe. Thanks to his law background, he is focused on contract negotiations and as an experienced Agent, he constantly performs outside expectations to achieve the best possible results for the company clients. He is also involved with marketing and endorsement opportunities for clients, day to day business operations, pre-draft marketing, Gianpaolo Matteucci, beyond his role of manager, is also a personal friend to many of his clients. He is married with Elena and they have 5 children.

Services   Career Project
to reach the best possible level
Negotiation and discussion with teams and sponsors
Logistic management if required
Advice and stipulation on the best insurance coverage
  Medical Assistance
Trough the best specialists in sports medicine
Driving abilities scientific analyses and development
Personal trainer
Athletic trainers for personalized programs
  Mental trainer
Mental performance improvement in duration and consistency
Assistance and management of marketing agreements with sponsors
  Events Organization
Customized events during sports competitions


Matteucci Management
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